Help choosing a suitbale bulb

Hi all, I’ve been doing some research on smart lighting for which I used Philips Hue in the past but since I moved home, the bulbs required here are bayonet style so my E27 Phillips Hue bulbs won’t fit and I’m looking for a cheaper option.

My head is actually spinning as there are so many but most are either non bayonet, or wifi only.

I have a Raspi Pi 3 ready to run Home Assistant but I cannot find the bulbs I need. Ideally something that is available on Amazon UK. Does anyone have any recommendations for bulbs that don’t cost a fortune and have RGB?


What about some bayonet to E27 adapters so you can use your old gear?

Unless you really need colour, or are renting, smart switches are a much better idea.

I would agree with that for multi-bulb fixtures and on/off switching only. But not so much if you assume that OP still has the remotes from the old place and you add dimming to the equation. A single smart bulb is a lot cheaper than a smart dimmer plus a dim-to-warm dumb bulb.

A switch/dimmer is a lot easier for luddites to use. I guess it depends on what sort of visitors you get.

True. Although some of the remotes are pretty easy to understand. If you are using Hue you might have RWL22 remotes, which even luddites should be able to figure out (though they may not realize the bottom one is a button too). I have both smart bulbs/wireless remotes and dumb bulb/ecodim smart dimmers in my house. The thing that confused my mom for a while is that the dumb switches for my smart bulbs still work, so she went around and switched all the lights in the living room off/on individually like before I installed the smart lighting. After a few times pointing out she could simply press the smart button next to the dumb buttons she got it. If I had removed the dumb buttons completely that wouldn’t have happened, but I like to keep them as a backup for the rare cases when my HA goes down completely.

All my lights are automated based on lux levels and presence. No need to touch a switch at all. Yet my house guests insist on switching off the smart bulbs. :roll_eyes:

That’s why I’m moving to smart switches.

I switch to different lighting scenarios based on my mood and what I’m doing. I am not predictable enough to myself to automate that. But everyone has different ideas about home automation, that’s why it’s great that HA gives you flexibility