Help configuring garage door opener

I’m trying to configure a relay connected to the Gpio port of the Raspberry, this relay calls a remote control to open the garage, I created two switches (I have two garages) and work well, the problem is that I would like to create an automation that makes the switch a button (return to off after 1/2 second) I would also like HomeKit (and Home Assistant to see them as garage doors and not as switches)
I currently have this config:

platform: rpi_gpio
7: Garage 1
4: Garage 2
invert_logic: true

I am also looking for a solution to this problem… did you solve it ?

You also have two remote controls connected as switches to your raspberry pi GPIO and you want them to toggle on them off to activate the garage door ?

yes I have 16 relay connected to 4 RF remotes with all buttons wired to relays to rpi3 and a temperature sensor, I plan to add few more temp sensors…
Few years ago I installed and use this setup on rpi3 to control my garage door, then I expanded to power plugs, and heating in the house without any problem.
For this I use few scripts in python, bash, and HTML server; some application/tutorials I found on www and changed for my needs ( my scripts command required relay for ~1s only so RF remote send the signal to receivers that turn power on or off ).

Few days ago I installed Home Assistant on another rpi3 and start learning…
Until now I succeed to add to new Home Assistant platform:

  • smart IoT plugs I converted/flashed to Tasmota OS.
  • “smart IoT Tuya” plugs I can’t flash with Tasmota, since last night controlled locally with local tuya and blocked to communicate with anything than Home Assistant local server.
  • LG tv smart.
  • kodi player.

I still have a lot to do:

  • migrate old and working rpi setup - the most important and sensitive !
  • integrate few new temp sensors.
  • integrate few Tasmota switches for lights.
  • integrate IP cctv cameras and old analog DVR/cameras.
  • integrate old DSC alarm system.
  • expand plugs, lights, devices.
  • learn how to automate things properly…

I am super tired :yawning_face: and still losing days and nights :sweat: with this new Home Assistant learning experience :scream: … but I think at the end it is worth. :slightly_smiling_face: