Help configuring scraper

I’m not a web guy, would appreciate some help with the syntax for the scrape function. Im trying to pull the date from here:

<div class="bin-dates">
	<div class="bg-black text-white bin-black-next bins-next position-relative">
	    <h3>Black (Domestic)</h3>
	    <p>Normally collected on a Thursday<br><strong>Next Collection: 9 days from now on **Thursday, 21 April 2022**</strong></p>

would appreciate some guidance!

For anyone googling this,

    select: "#content > div > div > div.bin-dates > > p:nth-child(2) > strong"
    value_template: >-
      {% set dt = strptime(states('sensor.blackbin'), "%b %d %Y") %}
      {{ as_timestamp(dt) | timestamp_custom('%d %B %Y') }}