Help configuring ts004f via zha

The tuya Dimmer switches just arrived and I’d been excited to set them up.

They pair no problem, but none of the functionality can trigger automations, I can build automations with different button actions as triggers but none ever fire.

If anyone has any advice or tips as to if it is even possible to integrate these into home assistant

Do not fire, have you checked in developertools and listen to ZHA_event? They should fire and show up as events. The buttonpress do not show as a entity.

You can try and use this blueprint, I have it running on 3 switches with ZHA.

So the events do fire and can be listened to, I’ve discovered a bit more about them apparently the 4 gang switch shares a divice Id with the device I have, its a dimmer knob as opposed to 4 switches. I’m close to migrating z2m as I think it’s supported better there

Fully right, the ZHA version is a 4 button dimmer switch , giving the possibility of 6 different states, as the blueprint supports. You do not need to use it for dimming. I just use the 4 buttons for different scenes.

In Zigbee2MQTT the same switch is supported in both modes. As the dimmer switch and as a 12 scene switch. There are a number of blueprints for the 12 scene version also.