Help control a dumb'ish light

Hi! I have 2 LED lights that are driven by a similar Osram Optronic led driver as in the picture (Osram Optotronic OTi DALI 35/220…240/1A0 LT2). It is wired like in the diagram below - the wall switch is a momentary push button (off-on-off) that connects the Switch and Load terminals on the LED driver.

The LED driver is both smart and dumb - it supports Push DIM (used currently), and DALI. I wanted to voice-control it, so I’ve connected a Shelly Plus 1 Mini in parallel to the current switch, configured it as a momentary switch and it all works fine. The issue is - there is no way to tell if the light is on or off as both switches (physical and shelly) toggle the light rather than specifically turn it on or off.

The ideas I had so far:

  1. Light sensor somewhere in the room. Feels excessive. I would like to avoid this if possible. Plus may not be effective during the day if the light is left on.

  2. Swap the LED driver to one with 0-10V control and use the new Shelly 0-10v dimmer. That’s quite a big investment - a good quality driver is ~£50, Shelly is another 15’ish and it’s currently out of stock.

  3. DALI. It is available in the light, however I can’t find any solutions to integrate it with HA. Would be great if I could make something like ESP32 do the DALI communication.

Any other ideas or insight ?

Thank you