Help debugging unstable/rebooting raspberry pi

I’ve got HA installed on a Raspberry pi 3B with a 16GB card bought specifically to handle the reads and writes of HA.

I installed a clean version of HA on it, then restored a backup. Everything works ok, all the things set up function ok. However, every 30-60 minutes, the raspberry pi reboots and HA starts up again. I currently have zero idea why and I’m looking for help to figure out how to debug it. Any input (on debugging, not reinstalling) appreciated.

This often is related to weak power supplies. Make sure it delivers at least 3A.

Good point, thanks!

Looks like that was it - hasn’t rebooted after moving to a more powerful power supply.

Glad to hear that did it for you. :+1:
The Pi is known to be picky when it comes to power supplies especially if you have some devices connected by USB (like SSD, Zigbee coordinator and the like)