Help diagnosing constant crash/restarts

Hi all!

Been using HA for a while but im still a giant newb when it comes to some of the finer details so am struggling to figure out how to solve this problem…

Recently I’ve been noticing that my HA seems to crash and restart on its own…a LOT. Like an hour ago, and then now 15 min ago…comes up fine, no errors in config that I can see…But then i dont know how to go about digging deeper to try to figure out whats wrong. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Its runninng off a pi4 if that matters

How to Troubleshoot Raspberry Pi Crashing.

Power supply is good, that integration is already running and hasnt shown any problems. System runs 2 USB devices, a z-wave controller and a USB SSD which it runs off. Im monitoring for another crash and will pull logs after it resets

So it has kept crashing, i just pulled the logs after the most recent one, they arent very long but they are too many characters to post here, any key things in the log i should look for that would indicate a crash?

Can you confirm that your did steps 2, 3, & 4 from the Troubleshooting link above? Specifically:

  1. USB devices are attached to a separate powered USB hub?
  2. You tried a new power supply
  3. You did a fresh install and recovered from a known good backup

Only thing i dont have access to is a replacement power supply…but this issue has occurred when using no USB devices, and have done backups…still happens. I can buy another supply if that may be the issue, is there anything in logs that would indicate a power issue which i could look for to verify?

Not likely but it would help to see the logs.



Pulled these and then like…3 min later it crashed :frowning:

Have you tried starting in Safe Mode? General troubleshooting - Home Assistant.

If your system remains stable in safe mode, than you probably have issues with one or more integrations (your logs are filled with integration errors).

Integration troubleshooting can be done following this guide: 2024.5+: Tracking down instability issues caused by integrations.

I havent tried safe mode yet, I’m rebooting into that now. I saw the integration errors but was perplexed as they all ‘work’ and are configured correctly

Version 2024.5 and above is faster and more likely to expose integrations that have thread safety bugs.

Are you running Home Assistant 2024.5 or above? Did these issues start happening after you upgraded?

I update anytime it lets me know my integration or core needs an update…and this has been going on for a while now, well before 24.5, it just hadnt really bothered me till now

so it ran in safemode a while, then did bomb out again. Here is the log, it booted and ran till line 211, where it sat for a while till it died, so i think like 212 and on is the bit that may show something?

I’m guessing your system is corrupt from crashing so many times. I would do a fresh install and recover from a good backup.

Dang…Im not even sure i have a backup from that far back…I may have to just do a clean wipe and start from 0

Another option is to selectively disable integrations until the problem stops (to see if a specific integration is causing the problem). Or, disable all integrations and selectively enable them.

Again, you can use this to help track down the problem: 2024.5+: Tracking down instability issues caused by integrations.