[HELP] ESPHomeYaml Button

Hi, I have a small ESP-01 that i want to just connect a button to and controll things in Home Assistant.I just want the button to be pressed, and then a home assistant action happens and then it resets itself, have tried some confiurasions but i am totally lost.

AKA a momentary push button to toggle/turn on/off something in Home Assistant ( I will do this in Home Assistant)

You can do this easily with tasmota and button topics but i want to do it with ESPHomeYaml.

Any help appriciated.

If you already have tasmota installed then it’s easy to load esphomeyaml firmware to it, then you will be able to do OTA updates. I found that using the HA interface to compile was way too slow so I installed python on a windows machine and did a pip install of the esphomeyaml software. Compiles and updates after that only took a few minutes, plus if the OTA failed I could hook up the esp device to usb and update that way.

I’ve managed to load firmware to a wemo d1, nodemcu and sonoff basic.

Good luck!