Help : Fibaro Home Centre 3 - API URL

Hi Guys

Im starting back up on my HA journey after losing my SD card with no backup and no time spare. I’m still very much a HA noob.

I’m having troubles understanding whats required to connect Fibaro HC3 to HA so I can leverage Z-wave devices. I’m trying to add the Fibaro integration - Fibaro - Home Assistant

I’m greeted by this screen
HC3 Integration

I have tried to use http:// IPADDRESS/api/* and https://*

Neither of these are working, and appears I cant find any suitable documentation.

Any Ideas? Thanks

I am in the exact same boat - the HASS documentation for the Fibaro integration REALLY needs an update…

The webpage docs (which you linked to) do not mention the required URL format, and the integration configuration page says that the URL should have a * at the end, which does not really make sense.

I managed to solve it by trying multiple variations of the URL, and it seems to work if you use http://IPADDRESS/api/ (IPADDRESS being the local IP address, with a slash at the end, but no asterisk).

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Awesome thanks, just tried remotely, however instance is down ATM. We had a power outage last night. Will get the Mrs to reboot later and see if it works

excuse me, could you explain more? i wrote down the URL just like you explained but i think i may have a problem with the api, so can you help? thanks in advance

You need to know the IP address of your Fibaro Centre. If the IP address is, you will need to enter exactly this in the HAss integration configuration:

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I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I have been trying so many times and exactly as you describe. Why is it still complaining about “invalid authentication”? I am using an Fibaro Home center Lite.