Help Figuring Data Usage w/Nabu Casa

I noticed since my last HA update, there is constant traffic…


I looked deeper, and it seems it’s SSDP traffic somehow related to the Nabu Casa service. All of these have been active for a long period since the upgrade.

Does anyone have any idea why there is constant data transfer to Nabu Casa? Or am I missing something? I never had this much constant traffic before…


Is your HA a yellow? if so there is data going to Nabu Casa on errors, checking updates, updates installed, what manufacturers are being used, how many devices.

No. It’s just running on a Pi4….

Nuba Casa did acquire ESPHome and some others. You didn’t subscribe to their cloud free trial did you?

No. I just pay Nabu Casa… No ESPHome at all… No new integrations. Seems to coincide with graphs being real time in the next release… Although that might be conspiracy theory… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So you are subscribed to their cloud service then. They own ESPHome which makes IoT parts/kits to build devices for home automation.

I didn’t know any details about that… I have paying for the Nabu Casa subscription forever. It just never caused this continuous data usage. I’m stumped…

Maybe this is just a change in reporting on my router or something… I logged out of Nabu Casa on my instance and the data stream didn’t stop.

This was definitely Home Assistant. I shut it down, and the transfer stopped. Rebooted and now it’s okay. Something in HA was definitely stuck on transmitting endless data.

Sometimes a reboot fixes a lot of stuff.