Help finding a ceiling light that will work with my setup

I have an empty hole in my bedroom in my apartment that needs a cieling light. I’d like to be able to control the light with my Xaiomi buttons which are Zigbee. The issue I see with this is that all I can really find are WiFi controllable lights such as

My question is if I would be able to integrate a WiFi light like this into Home Assistant and control it with my Zigbee switches? Or would I have to find something Zigbee? Thanks in advance and any input is appreciated!

I’ve never used any Tuya lights but you should be able to integrate the light into HA using either the Tuya integration or aftermarket firmware.

Then just write an automation that detects your button presses to operate the light.

You can control any device you can connect to home assistant with any other device you can connect to home assistant. That’s the beauty of it. Home assistant does not care if you are controlling a wifi light with a zigbee, mqtt, wifi, or zwave switch.

The light you linked to is controlled by the Tuya platform. It is very likely that the Home Assistant Tuya integration can control it.

Note that this is cloud based control, so requires a working internet connection and may have a slight delay.

You might be able to flash it with Tuya Convert for local control. If you are into DIY.

As you already have zigbee you might like to look at the Ikea Trådfri lights. They will work locally with your zigbee hub.

Other local controlable lights you might like to consider:

Lifx (wifi)
Philips Hue (wifi)
Yeelight (zigbee)

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