Help finding errant script?

I’m getting this message in the log every time I start Home Assistant. Is there anywhere I can look to get more information about where to find this? I’ve looked through all my scripts (both in scripts.yaml and in my packages) and haven’t immediately seen an issue. It looks like a typo on my end, but I don’t know where to find it.

Have you dug deeper in your log? When I get a message like that there is always one or two others and one of them tends to name the script. Not always, but usually. They are the same error but it logs it multiple times in different detail and my logging is set to ‘error’.

Unless you have everything in scripts.yaml. I have all mine broken into individual files so my case may be different than yours.

Thanks for the response. I don’t know if there’s another log (I’m relatively new to Home Assistant), but this is the first error in the log after startup, and the next one is 15 seconds later and just a warning about an integration that has no scripts.

Do you have a lot of scripts? There are myriad ways to try to track it down, I often put in notifications within long and complex scripts to debug them.

I have 36 scripts. I think I’ll just take another look at all the scripts, and be more thorough this time. Hopefully something will pop out at me.

You could open scripts.yaml and search for ‘mode’, that seems to be the problem. You probably don’t have a lot of those in 36 scripts.

Looks like an indentation issue.

You have mode: single incorrectly indented somewhere. HA thinks it is the object id of a script.


    mode: single # <-- correct
    sequence: ...

  mode: single # <-- incorrect
    sequence: ...

That gives me something solid to look for. I’ll go digging (I think I’ll be able to narrow this down fairly quickly by looking at my recent Github commits for my code). Thanks!

Found it. Thanks for the help, @tom_l. :slightly_smiling_face:

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