Help Finding Remote Switches

I am looking for some remote, “thin” switches to trigger automations and scripts in HA. X10 sells a plate of 3 or a pad of 10 switches to control other devices, but I only want a switch that will set a status in MQTT as an example. I have made my own using arduino nano’s but its not something I want to hang on my wall in my house. I have thought of using iPads or old Android devices to accomplish this, but seems like total overkill for something so simple. Ideally the switch would be z-wave enabled, but wifi or zigbee would also be acceptable. Any ideas?

But do you need a display in your switch?
Why not a simple and cheap IKEA or Sonoff button?

No display needed, but I would like gang of 4 or 6 buttons.

Search for Z-wave scene controller and you will get lots of options.

Thank you.

I am using the HASP (Home Assistant Switch Plate) in a few locations in my home. From any wall plate I can control most lights in my home. This photo is the plate next to the garage door. I have (in Node Red) programmed the “Garage” light button to flash yellow and white if the garage door is open. You can control anything that Home Assistant can control including dimmer lights, audio stuff like Soros (which I don’t have).

It’s mostly a DIY project, or you can buy one preassembled. The programming is done in Home Assistant using Blueprints.

I will be building more soon.


Thanks everyone. My real goal is to eliminate or greatly reduce the number of gang boxes i have on all my walls. Whoever built the house wanted to be able to control many lights from many different rooms. I have 3, 4, and 6 gang switch panels on most of my walls. I would like to get that down to a single box or even eliminate some altogether.

As I indicated before, with the HASP device I am controlling 14 lights from one single-gang device.

:+1: Thanks

Thanks - just ordered one :slight_smile: