Help finding why light turns back on

I have an automation that works from the motion sensor, the time (state of Sunrise/set) and whether my bedroom lights have been turned off.

If the lights have not been turned off, they remain on at 5% brightness.

Once the lights have been turned off (by remote, by google or alexa, or other means except at the power button) then they should stay off. Yet, inexplicably, the lights come back after a few moments. I turn them off again - and this time they do stay off.

I’ve tried to bug hunt but am not getting anywhere.

Help would be appreciated in locating why the lights turn back on… they never used to, I’m sure they used to just remain off - but at some point a few months back they just began coming back on without apparent cause.

I added the wait function to try and kill the light from coming back on but it doesn’t seem to have helped any. :frowning: