Help for Enocean Thermo Valves


Two or three years ago, I stated installing several wireless devices in my house. After reading few web pages on different existing solutions, I went to Enocean products.
I started by installing some light dimmers, enocean switches, and some relays to drive lights or ventilation. All worked for over a year without any home automation solution.

Then came the search for a home automation solution … And I discovered Home Assistant.

HA now allow me to control a number of household aquipments, including central heating, but here’s the problem…
While HA knows how to manage certain Enocean equipment, It cannot manage everything. In particular, nothing appears concerning thermostatic valves.
Some standard Enocean valves exist, but I cannot find anything on Home Assistant side.
Incredible for a home automation solution !

I don’t know what to do. Is there any hope that the community will fill this gap ? Is there a way to adapt functional code (light, switch) ?
Is there a bypass or bridge option to another protocol.
If so, which valve model should I use ?

Similar experiences with HA ?


Hi Franck

I’ve had a similar case in my house. The former owner has installed some Enocean actors and wall switches and I wanted to be able to control the lights from home assistant.

I could not use the HA Integration for Enocean beause my HA is running as a virtual machine on my ESXi server.
So I bought a Raspberry Pi zero and a USB300 Enocean Dongle and build some kind of an Enocean gateway using the Home Automation solution called FHEM.

In FHEM I could teach in the wall switches and I could also generate virtual switches to teach them into my actors.

For the communication between Home Assistant and FHEM I’m using MQTT.
That works very well so far.

I am not a big fan of FHEM 'cause in my opinion it’s quite complicated. But it was the only thing I could find to communicate with my Enocean Devices.

This is the Link to the Enocean Starter Guide from FHEM:

Maybe this will help you to find a solution for your situation

Best regards

Thanks a lot for your help Ronny .

I took a look on FHEM.
It seems they are able to command valves with EEP 05-20-01 (for MD15)

But valves MD15 does not seems to really met the criteria of Enocean products. It seems to require an external power supply.
Also, it uses the same profile EEP 05-20-01. It’s rather a good thing. probably I’ll have to investigate more on this.

At the moment, all systems work well with HA with Enocean origine integration in my house (switches, lights, relays, T° & Hr sensors and my boiler). Also with USB300 dongle with RPi 4 + SSD. All works fine for more than one year.
I took a long time to get pair some relays like Peha 452 (to find the teach code). But we found it with help of Bakkerv on Discord few month ago.
No other system protocol at the moment. It would be a shame to use another… :smiley: . But …

If I have no other choice, probably I’ll try to command valves with Zigbee protocol, with another dongle. this integration seems to be able to command a lot of other devices easily.

Before, I prefer to wait and see if Enocean valves have any chance to be integrate.
I don’t understand why some Enocean devices are integrated in HA, and not a simple thermo valve. is it so difficult to do ?