Help for new house

I’m building a new house and I want to install smart control in every set of lights.
I was thinking of taking every N/L of the lights to my eletrical switchboard and then every S1/S2 from the buttons also to the switchboard. From a cost saving perspective I was aiming to install ZBMINI or MINIR2 in the switchboard to control everything. Is there any cost effective alternative to the ZBMINI/R2? I would prefer a dinrail module with LAN but Shellys are 3x more expensives…

From Not Only a cost perspective i would consider direct from S1/S2 to light.
I don’t know how large you new house will be, and Nor the topology , but it will be a considerable amount of longer cables( and cable-tubes in i.e the wall and behind zeeling, if you only have 1 main switchboard, and it will result in a HUGE bunch , at the end of the Switchboard

I have 4 switchboards. I opted to bring everything to them so I can control everything in the same spot and avoid modules inside every switchbox.

You still need these, or similar, so you just build a more expensive , do to the longer cables ( More loss, higher amps, + tubes, beside who knows what else , sure it sounds like a nice idea.
However im not sure your Electrician have experience with Zigbee networks, with 10-20 ZBMINI or whatever side by side in a sealed switchboard.
But i feel you should investigate these factors, before drawing tubes and wires

Why not just put a zigbee light switch in for every light, this will save all the messing around with wiring in zbminis and your sparky will have no issues installing it. It will save a lot of copper and time to install.

Esp32 with Lan and relay board.

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