Help for Newbie?

I’ve had many years experience As an end user with home automation including control4 and Savant

I’d like to get into using home assistant for a new installation but don’t wish to get down in the weeds of setting up the virtual machine etc or raspberry pie etc any guidance on how to shortcut this appreciated

Happy to pay for your time as Reasonablyrequired
Many thanks

You are going to have to do one of them. Burning an image to an SD card for a Pi isn’t that onerous.


You could go Blue or Amber…

What about using Docker?
Fast and easy setup

Many thx Tom

Is Docker an laternative to HA or a software setut that runs on HA?

thx - sorry for my ignorance but what are these Blue/ Amber?

which Pi do you recomend pls Tom?

Have a read of this page.

Docker Is a Linux container environment.
With a Linux install you can setup the docker software with few commands and than setup almost any applications with few scripts.

Ha e a look at HA install wiki and you can read all install options…

They’re ready-built Home Assistant units - plug and play (more or less). More details here:

thx heaps !

thx very much !

many thx for the advice