Help generating ssh keys so I can run an ssh command from home-assistant in docker

Hi my setup is as follows

ubuntu server 18.04 lts
homeassistant running in docker

I want to run this command wakeonlan xx:xx:xx:xx:xx on the server via ssh from inside the home assistant docker container.

I’m confused how to do it. I was looking at this guide here:

I know how to access a terminal inside the homeassistant container as root.
I’m confused about where I make they keys and do I need private or public keys.

Can anyone guide me what to do.

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Actually that all works fine. I don’t need help. If anyone finds this thread and is stuck.

run a terminal under the home assistant docker as root

  • you can use portainer, click on the container, then choose to open a console
  • or you can type docker exec -it homeassistant bash on your server

Then go through all the commands in the guide.


Here is a wakeonlan switch for those in docker