Help HA read from a randomjoke API to TTS - Serious

Hey, I am a complete noob but there is this super important thing I need to work out:
There is a random joke api: ( ) that tells a random joke at every refresh.

YEY I AM THAT BAD… I have no idea how to make HA read that line and how to enter the resulting text=joke to an automation code for TTS.

Since this could be the single most important use of HA for me and my depression I really hope anyone can halp me!

What this api provides is JSON response.
So the way I see is to:

  1. create a Restful sensor which requests a joke in frequently. (you can adjust the timeframe via scan_interval)
    RESTful - Home Assistant (
  2. use the data_template option to call the TTS service with the value of the sensor.

If you need help more detailed it would be great if you could specify your question more detailed.
What would you like to do with the joke? Having it called every 1 minute? On request? Where is it sent to? Etc.