HELP! I deleted the main person entity

So, I deleted the ADMIN person entity, which is me.

I cannot delete the “Person” itselft but deleted the person entity now I cannot add it back agian.

Any idea how I can add it back?


Bump, anyone?

Did you really delete it or maybe just disabled it by accident? :thinking:


If i go to the admin person entity I’m not even able to delete it because the button is greyed out :bulb:

Are you talking about “People” or “Users”?

Check under “Settings → People”. What do you have there for each tab (people or users). As you can’t delete the user “Admin” (or whatever you call it), you possibly have deleted the “People” entry. Just setup a new one and associate it with the userdata you want to combine it to. :slight_smile:

Yes sorry, it was just disabled.

I couldn’t find it on my phone, but managed to find and enable it on my laptop.