[Help] I2C I/O on Raspberry,+I2C analog+RTC+LCD

Hi mates, I’m new here, I would realize a domotic project which is based on low voltage switches (for blinds, shutters and ventilation) acquired by PCF8574T board, analog thermometers/fotoresistors acquired by ADS1115 board, a real time clock DS3231 and 16 rele board. Plus one simple char LCD, cause I suppose to use it only for debugging/sensor testing, all wil be activated by switches and HA by phone.

I would kindly ask you some advices about how to control this hardware from HA and Raspberry, in particular:
Can I program the flow/logic of the hardware in C? Which service I have to use to keep it running in background on Raspberry? Can I exchange data between this service and HA to both control the same relays from switch and app in phone?
Is there anything similar to manage the lcd in easy way as well?
For lights I’m using SR-1009SAC-HP as dimmer, with its RF-Wifi bridge it is possibile to use it on mobiles too, there is already any addon for HA?
Thank you

Nobody can help me?
Thank you a lot!