Help identifying what kind of switch I need

I’m wanting to replace the button to open our garage with a switch to integrate into HA, but I’m unsure of what I’d need and what kind of wires it’s using. All other switches in the house have a neutral wire, but I don’t know if that’s what this white cable is our not. Any help is much appreciated.

It is a momentary push button.
Might operate at 24V(DC or AC) or 110VAC (US).

You could use that switch and just add it as an input switch to something like a Shelly PM1 (you would need other external power. I personally would leave the button alone at that end and make the magic happen at the garage door opener where there is the required power already to make a system work.

There are Z-wave (or similar) options for door bells.

Thanks Glenn, I’ll look into the Shelly

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Given the number of circuit traces on that switch, I would think that there’s something more complicated going on here. It certainly could be a simple momentary switch, but it may also be something else.

I’ve seen 2-wire garage switches that have 3 buttons (Open, Close, & turn on lighting only).
I haven’t investigated them, but I assume it’s likely different resistor networks that get switched in for each button. It could also be digital, but that’s less likely, imho.
These are definitely low voltage, given the wire. I would check to see what the open circuit voltage of it is, then see if you get a different voltage level while pushing the button (buttons?)

The two listed patents seem to deal with the rolling codes used for the wireless remotes, mostly.

It looks like this might be the same model switch, in which case there’s a lot more going on than a momentary switch. If that’s the kind you have, I’d follow the articles method of just soldering additional wires to the existing microswitch and using a smart-switch that can treat it as a dry contact.

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Thank you both so much. I ended up getting the MyQ Hub for the door and left the button alone.