Help improve doorbell camera delay


I’ve got a Reolink Poe Doorbell integrated into home assistant and it works just fine, in fact I’m amazed at all the entities it’s brought through. And I’ve created custom chimes that play on my nest speakers.

What I would like help with is reducing the delay in the camera feed, currently in home assistant it’s about 4 second but I’ve also exposed the camera sub entity to my Google assistant and if I cast to a Chromecast the delay can be over 10 seconds.

Any help and step by step improvements will be appreciated.

Same Problem but my Nest Hub delay is about 30 sec.

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Hopefully someone will see this that knows how to fix the delay

RTSPtoWeb - WebRTC does the job. Delay ~1 sec. but you can not stream the Video to Chromecast/NestHub :frowning:


how do we change that ?