Help Improving Presence Detection - Bluetooth

Hi All,

I’ve using Bluetooth presence detection for several years in a small house, which is generally pretty reliable. However I’m using it to run some automations when I arrive home from work in the evening, like lights and music.

I find that it sometimes takes longer than expected to change from not_home to home. So the automation triggers after I get into the house, which is not really ideal.

I have tested owntracks, life360 and nmap or a combination of these with limited success. This is mainly due to having no mobile reception at or near my house, so the changes of location are not sent through in time until I connect to wifi, which is often not until I enter the house, which again defeats the purpose of the automation.

I’m wondering if there are any other simple alternatives like extending the Bluetooth range??

Can you put a wifi access point in your garage or closer to where you park your car so that you connect to wifi sooner?