Help in configuration

I have smart light and smart switch. Both of them are connected via usb zigbee sonoff dongle. If I use the smart light as the switch(on and off in HA), my family(the non HA users) cannot open the light. The only way to open the light is via HA dashboard.

If I use the smart switch as the switch(on and off in HA), my family can now open the light. Since the control is on the smart switch, the smart light leaves in no power state for a long time and it becomes “unavailable” status on the HA dashboard. So I need to re-pair it in the zigbee dongle all over again.

How can I go over this and prevent the “unavailable” status in HA dashboard?

Your smart switch has to be able to support smart lights. This is a hardware setting. It will leave power to the smart light, but turn the light off naturally. If your switch doesn’t support this, don’t use it with a smart light.

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What are your recommended switches? In our country, the standard switches are like this. So any with the same size or type will be good… Also, we don’t use neutral in our country.

I temporarily use automation to turn ON the smart switch and TOGGLE the smart light whenever someone clicks the switch’s physical buttons. In that way, the smart switch will always have an “ON” state, providing constant power to the smart light and only toggles the smart light.

Here’s my automation below. I don’t know if this is the right solution though.