Help in Mitsubishi Clima integration - with custom changes

Hi all,
I’m ready to install a Clima system which will be integrated with MelCloud.
Until here ok… so far… I know there is official integration so I’ll play with it as soon it will be installed.
The clima system will be installed into the roof, so those not visible. The system, itself, will have only one output, but on the system I’ll install an air control plenum with 4 lines to send the air to 4 rooms. I would like to control then those 4 lines with electric HVAC on/off valves (like this: I would control those valves with a SonOff board. I every room I’ll put 4 ZigBee temperature sensors (Xiaomi WSDCGQ11LM).
Is there a way to integrate all that above in a single system to control it? Maybe that includes some logic that consider not only the Mitsubishi temperature readings, but also the room readings?