Help in the right direction pls

Trying to setup z-wave network.

I bought an old hp proliant server and using unraid with VM home assistant.
I have connected a aeotec gen5 usb stick and want to add a couple of door sensor i have bought.

Tried to follow a couple of youtube guides to set this up but with no luck.
The guides say i should use the auto discovery feature for Z-Wave JS but when i use that u ge tprompted byt this

shoudnt the keys be automaticlly generated?
Should i install a other addon?
pls help me in the right direction
sry for my bad english

I do not use addons but when using zwavejs2mqtt there is an option to automatically generate the keys. If migrating the USB controller & its network from a different system you would need to enter the old keys for secure devices to continue to operate properly.

but i just bought this stick so its brand new.

True, I was explaining why the option of entering the keys is there. Sorry I do not have the answer about automatically generating them. I see this in the official documentation though.

For new installations, network security keys will be automatically generated for you. If this Z-Wave stick has already been paired with secure devices, you need to enter the previously used network key as the S0 network key. S2 security keys will be automatically generated for you. Make sure that you keep a backup of these keys in a safe place in case you need to move your Z-Wave stick to another device.

Yes, if you leave them blank and install it will generate new random ones. You can see them in the add-on configuration after it’s installed.

Should i install a other addon?

I would personally use the zwavejs2mqtt add-on instead. More features and easier to debug. From the HA point of view, when using the websocket server it behaves exactly the same.

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