Help installing packages on Trying to install a Pi UPS

Hi all I have one of these Pi UPS HATs ( on my Pi, but I don’t know how to install the software for it ( being that the SSH client doesn’t work like a regular linux install would. How do I go about installing packages on Hassio? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: From some more research it appears i should be using Hassbian, but if is the future I don’t want to be left behind for this. Is there another UPS solution or what?


You can use one of this (batteries not included):

It’s a power bank that you connect between the power supply and the Rpi. Easier than this is impossible!

I’m waiting for one of these form eBay for the same reason as you.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the suggestion. I may go that route. Seeing that the pi is so low power a big battery bank can power it for potentially a couple of days so I won’t even need to bother with a script to gracefully shut it down.

Did this work, I have found some don’t keep the output running continuously when the power fails. If so, are you still using it?

I have a power brick that is rated at 10,400mAh that powered a Halloween gag last year for about 15-hours. The kit was a plastic skull with two OLED displays for the eyes

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Yes, I’m still using it.