Help Installing Samba NAS Add-on on Home Assistant 2023.10.3 Without Updating HA Core

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue with the installation of Samba NAS on my Home Assistant setup. Currently, I’m running Home Assistant version 2023.10.3, and when attempting to install the Samba NAS add-on, I encounter the message:

“You are running Home Assistant 2023.10.3, to update to this version of the add-on you need at least version 2023.11.0 of Home Assistant.”

The challenge is that I don’t want to update to the latest version of HA Core due to UI issues, as discussed in my previous post here .

However, I really need the Samba NAS addon. I’m looking to install an older version of Samba NAS that’s compatible with my current HA Core version. I’ve found that this isn’t a straightforward process, and I’m reaching out to the community for assistance.

If anyone has experience or guidance on installing an older version of Samba NAS and making it work with a specific HA Core version, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance!