Help integrating andrewshilliday's garage door controller

I am looking to automate my garage door, and I would like to use the controller described here …but I can’t really find any good info on how to hook it into HA. Does anyone have any experience hooking this up?

His controller is attractive to me because:

  1. it is entirely local
  2. it’s almost free for me, as I have most of the needed parts lying around already
  3. it doesn’t require HA to be installed on the pi in the garage - I want to be able to use an older pi which HA will not run on.

I have been running for the last couple years with the linear GD00Z-4 but it recently died on me, and I’m not super crazy about spending another $100+ on something that can in theory be done with pieces I have lying around…

I’ve looked at GarageQTPi which also looks promising, but it appears all interaction is relayed through an online service which I’m not super crazy about…I’d like it to use local communication only

It looks like once-upon a time there was a HA module written for andrewshilliday’s controller here, but it seems it was ultimately rejected in favor of a HA-native option, which will not work for me because I’d like to use an older pi (model B) which HA will not run on.

Hed redec, instead of running a raspberry pi you could use an ESP8266/ESP32 chip with ESPHome, integrates flawlessly into Home Assistant, 100% local, easy maintenance (you can edit the script from within the ESPHome Addon)

The output pins can control a relay while the input is a reed switch.

Hmmm thanks that does look really interesting…bit of a learning curve there tho :slight_smile:

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I was looking into doing this myself actually, had it set up with this very software and a raspberry pi 4 years ago but then moved to a garageless house, would this work?

That is the HA-native option I mention in my post. It would work except I want to use a model B pi in the garage, and HA won’t install on a model B. HA is really heavy and overkill when all you need it to do is flip a GPIO once in a while :smile:. What I ended up doing was using homebridge with …so it is imported into HA as a homekit garage door opener. It still seems heavy and overkill but it works :slight_smile:

were you able to connect homebridge-rasppi-gpio-garagedoor in home assistant?

Yes, and it has been 100% stable and reliable. I haven’t had touch it at all since the initial setup :+1:

how did you do?

Using the homekit controller integration you just add it as a normal homekit device…it appears to HomeAssistant the same as if you had any “real” homekit garage door opener

Am I getting this error? why?

Not sure…are they connected to the same network? Can you ping one from the other?

I managed to add the raspberry via homekit but homeassistant sees me only some accessories managed by the raspberry, do you have any idea why … in practice, if I add homebridge directly on the home of ios I find all the devices (all the doors, the garage etc. ), if I add it to homeassistant it only sees some of them (it sees me one door and not the other two configured in the same way in the homebridge) …