Help Integrating Node Red with Home Assistant (running in docker container)

Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble with trying to connect a sensor (attached to a GPIO on the Pi) in Node Red to a Wifi smart plug I have already integrated with home assistant.

I am using the Call a Service Node in Node red and trying to set up my Home Assistant properties but it is asking for an API password. I don’t know what it is and how to set it.

I have tried: - My Login password for Homeassistant
- My MQTT server password

Clearly it was not any of those.

I looked a bit online and found some people saying to add the following to configuration.yaml

  api_password: 123456789

When I do that, home assistant boots in Safe Mode and tells me that there is a failed attempt to login from the same IP address.

The only way to get it to boot properly is to remove it from configuration.yaml

I am utterly confused and need your help.

Many thanks in advance.