Help. It broke. No devices? But still works?

Ok. I updated hass to 84.6. It was working for about a day. Now it doesn’t see any devices. It deleted my accounts so I have to use api pass for now. It basically reset. But lovelace config is fine. None of my .yaml (known devices, groups, customize, etc.) Files have been changed. It’s like it was unplugged from the network. I’ve rebooted everything and it shows up on my router. So I know it’s connected. The weirdest part is my custom thermostat (plug in heater with smart plug, and temp sensor) still works and thats all handled by hass, my automations still work (Movie on lights off things like that) and it’s all hass. I have no other hub of any kind. What happened? How do I fix this? I was just gonna wait for the next update but that might break it more. Thanks

I’m getting all kinds of weirdness today. Can’t get into my frontend. If I keep refreshing the browser sometimes it will allow me in, but hardly. Was there some kind of update to the HASSIO supervisor that broke things?

From what version?

There were a couple of major breaking changes in the last few updates. The big ones being Owntracks and before that MQTT. If you use either of these you should read the release notes and update your config accordingly.

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84.3. I don’t use owntracks anymore and I’ve updated my mqtt. Other ideas?

what do the logs say… always consult the logs.