Help making ESP32-3248S035 work

Hi all,

I recently bought ESP32-3248S035 ( and trying to get the right configuration to get it up and running (screen/touch).

Did anyone have any success in that?

Thank you so much!

Try Googling the board name and doing some digging. This page platformio-espressif32-sunton/esp32-3248S035C.json at 59ec63edd07c4d5d75d5b1e46083c2ab6446ab46 · rzeldent/platformio-espressif32-sunton · GitHub suggests that’s an ST7796 display driver, which is supported by the ili9xxx ESPHome component, so you just need to set up the correct pins for SPI and the display control lines.

There is no PSRAM so it’s unlikely the ESPHome display drawing functions will work, but LVGL with a 25% buffer_size should be ok.

The capacitive touch version appears to use a GT911 which is also supported in ESPHome.

There is some info here, and it does say they have psram. ESP32-3248S035 - openHASP

That page says 8MB PSRAM at the top, but later in 2 places it says no PSRAM.

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Thanks for the help, I’ve tried setting the configuration, and get the following:

[23:40:00][C][logger:185]: Logger:
[23:40:00][C][logger:186]:   Level: DEBUG
[23:40:00][C][logger:188]:   Log Baud Rate: 115200
[23:40:00][C][logger:189]:   Hardware UART: UART0
[23:40:00][C][spi:068]: SPI bus:
[23:40:00][C][spi:069]:   CLK Pin: GPIO14
[23:40:00][C][spi:070]:   SDI Pin: GPIO12
[23:40:00][C][spi:071]:   SDO Pin: GPIO13
[23:40:00][C][spi:076]:   Using HW SPI: SPI
[23:40:00][C][spi:068]: SPI bus:
[23:40:00][C][spi:069]:   CLK Pin: GPIO18
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:181]:   Bit depth: 16
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:176]: LEDC Output:
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:177]:   Pin GPIO4
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:178]:   LEDC Channel: 1
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:179]:   PWM Frequency: 1000.0 Hz
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:180]:   Phase angle: 0.0°
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:181]:   Bit depth: 16
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:176]: LEDC Output:
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:177]:   Pin GPIO16
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:178]:   LEDC Channel: 2
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:179]:   PWM Frequency: 1000.0 Hz
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:180]:   Phase angle: 0.0°
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:181]:   Bit depth: 16
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:176]: LEDC Output:
[23:40:00][C][ledc.output:177]:   Pin GPIO17
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:094]:   Dimensions: 320px x 480px
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:095]:   Width Offset: 0
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:105]:   Color mode: 8bit 332 mode
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:111]:   Data rate: 40MHz
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:114]:   CS Pin: GPIO15
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:115]:   DC Pin: GPIO2
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:117]:   Color order: BGR
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:118]:   Swap_xy: NO
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:119]:   Mirror_x: YES
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:120]:   Mirror_y: NO
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:123]:   => Failed to init Memory: YES!
[23:40:00][C][ili9xxx:125]:   Update Interval: 1.0s
[23:40:00][E][component:082]:   Component display is marked FAILED
[23:40:00][C][light:103]: Light 'LED'
[23:40:00][C][light:105]:   Default Transition Length: 1.0s
[23:40:00][C][light:106]:   Gamma Correct: 2.80
[23:40:00][C][esp32_improv.component:261]: ESP32 Improv:
[23:40:00][C][esp32_improv.component:266]:   Status Indicator: 'NO'
[23:40:00][C][captive_portal:088]: Captive Portal:
[23:40:00][C][web_server:173]: Web Server:
[23:40:00][C][web_server:174]:   Address: esphome-web-4560ec.local:80
[23:40:00][C][mdns:115]: mDNS:
[23:40:00][C][mdns:116]:   Hostname: esphome-web-4560ec
[23:40:00][C][esphome.ota:073]: Over-The-Air updates:
[23:40:00][C][esphome.ota:074]:   Address: esphome-web-4560ec.local:3232
[23:40:00][C][esphome.ota:075]:   Version: 2
[23:40:00][C][safe_mode:018]: Safe Mode:
[23:40:00][C][api:140]:   Address: esphome-web-4560ec.local:6053

The configuration I’m using is:

  - id: tft
    clk_pin: GPIO14
    mosi_pin: GPIO13
    miso_pin: GPIO12
  - id: touch
    clk_pin: GPIO18
    mosi_pin: GPIO23
    miso_pin: GPIO19

  - platform: ili9xxx
    model: ST7796
    cs_pin: GPIO15
    dc_pin: GPIO2
    spi_id: tft

Any thoughts what I still might be missing?


Yes, you are right, that needs fixing doesn’t it, and careful reading.

Like I said, it won’t work with the standard display operations due to insufficient memory. You’ll need update_interval: never and auto_clear_enabled: false then use LVGL - LVGL implementation for ESPHome by clydebarrow · Pull Request #6363 · esphome/esphome · GitHub - read the docs linked there and make sure to set buffer_size: 25%

Also best to log via UART so you capture all the messages after startup.