Help making this dashboard do what I want

Need some help on how to: I have set up several “days until” sensors for various holidays, I have them all on a single dashboard below in the code block is the page, I did not see any reason to include all the cards/sensors since they are identical except for different holiday. WHAT I AM ASKING HELP WITH- Is there a way with an example and/or reference please, so that the holiday that will be coming up next will always be the 1st one showing? I am not concerned if they all stay in order of precedence realyy just would like the next one up to always be in the 1 slot. Thanks.

type: vertical-stack
  - text: Days Until
    type: custom:text-divider-row
  - square: false
    columns: 5
    type: grid
      - aspect_ratio: 1.2/1
        color: rgb(252,255,158)
        color_type: icon
        entity: sensor.new_years_countdown
        icon: mdi:party-popper
        name: New Years
        show_state: true
        type: custom:button-card

There’s a custom card in HACS called auto-entities, which sorts entities in a list as their values change.

You are correct and I have that card. I would like to leave the page (dashboard) where it shows all the different buttons just have it move the soonest holiday to the top. Might not be possible? But hopefully so. Thanks!