Help me decide between NUC's



Is this worth the $100 or is it a waste of $$$??

I want to run a hyper visor on this so I can do HA and Windows/linux at the same time.

Is the I7 overkill ? Both are quad cores.


Hey, depends on what you want to run on it.
I have NUC8i3 and it’s way overkill for HA.

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I used an HP Z220S with an I5 CPU, fast and inexpensive on eBay. Works great!

Both are massive overkill just for HA. I use a much cheaper XCY mini pc with an i7-4610Y processor (passmark about 3-4 times slower than your selected CPUs) and it barely gets above idle (3%).

If you can find one cheap, buy a used Hades Canyon… Then you can run HA on the host (or in docker on the host) and still have a wicked desktop (Windows or hackintosh) with decent video acceleration. :joy:

You can check out this guy’s crazy video to see the sort of stuff possible

The intel NUC’s are a bit overpriced IMHO and the CPU is soldered in preventing future upgrades (they include a Win10 license which adds to the price). I decided to go with an ASRock Deskmini 310 instead and then add the CPU and other components of my choice.