Help me investigate strange CPU load when Internet is turned off

Hi there,

I am noticing high CPU loads at night when I have turned off my Router (Plug Internet - see picture).

Now I am not sure how and where to start investigating what addon could be causing this and am hoping for some guidance on how and where to look for clues.

The only for sure seems that the high CPU Load seems to be connected to the Network not being available based on the History showing the % CPU load and the off state of the Plug Internet at night.

Thank you for your support.

I’m jot sure of the exact timings (tom, petro can probably recite them…) but I know for a FACT things like bckups, database maintenance, things like that all happen at those times of day.

I think you’re chasing a red herring. High cpu is not necessarily a bad thing. In enterprise capacity planning we try to keep it as high as possible - doing real work as long as possible to optimize cost benefits… If they’re coming back down to normal. What’s the problem.

4:12am in your local time is when the daily recorder purge occurs. The spikes you’re seeing are probably related to that.

Your best chance to troubleshoot whether the spike is related to the purge or lack of internet is to leave your router plugged in for 1 night & provide the CPU graph.

Remember, correlation does not mean causation.

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Thank you all for the suggestions / ideas. I ran a couple of more tests (with and without Internet access / disabled addons at the time in question) and can confirm that the CPU load more or less is independent of any settings I make.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.