Help me Pick a laptop

So this will be for video editing. I have a squishy budget of $2500.
Found these so far…
Add others if you know of something, but 64g memory 4T and a 4060GPU or better are a minimum.

I flipped a coin and heads won.

You figure out of that was A or B


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So either that’s …
A: I looked at the link & there is no difference so get the cheaper one, or
B: I can’t tell from those words so it doesn’t really matter…

Probably b… But I gave you a 3rd option.


I heard you can run HA on a potato, so you can surely edit videos on a banana, right?

But I like option A better.


Ryzen 9, how does that compare?

Intel a little faster…

My biggest beef with Ryzen CPUs has been the core temp at load. Packed in a laptop with limited airflow, the heat from Ryzen has always been an issue for me. God forbid you actually put the laptop on your lap. :thinking:


Framework laptop

Module based laptop

They were out of bananna’s today, I think it’s because I spelled it wrong, so bought the MSI today.
Thanks to those that voted.

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