Help me to convert a Kerosene heater to wifi controlled

Hey everyone, so I have a toyotomi kerosene heater LC-42.




I want to add an esp32 or esp8266 to capture all the state and also be able to operate it throw Wi-Fi using ESPHome. I already solder the IO that goes to and from the main board:

Also, I mapped all the wires on the green board. The voltage use is 9volts.

How do you think I have to approach this project? I’m an enthusiast with some knowledge on electricity, not an expert what so ever!

All the comments are appreciated!!

Carefully or not at all. Things may go boom if you don’t know what you are doing :grinning:

What do you recoment to convert the 9v signal to 3.3v for this project?
3.3v Zener diode like so: Zener diode, or a voltage divider using resistors? or may be something else!?


Ok, so I modify my project completely. I just took the on/off switch and the + and – temperature out of the board, then pass it through the ESP, and close the circuit with some relays.
It was not what I intended in the first place but it works any way.
“Antes” = “Before”
“Despues” = “After”


Wena wn! any news on this proyect?

funcionando!!! the project was as described, working ok!