Help me to select devices please

Hello! I am new in Home Assistant. I’ll may to install the system to my new home, and now I think about best devices for use with Home assistant. There are - easyest for integration. It will be the raspberry pi 4. Please give me reccomendation: what device models will select, than have the best integration. I need:

  1. 2 x AC (on, off, temperature)
  2. Light switches (I afarid there is no ZERO cord)
  3. Water leakage sensor
  4. Underfloor heating collector
  5. Window Curtain rods
  6. Windows roller blinds
  7. 2 models of TV (change channel control)
  8. Gas leak sensor
  9. Cooker hood?

Are there good tested working device models with easy integration and without soldering the boards?