Help me with this please

For some reason my UI text has gotten grayed out, no idea why! I only have mushroom themes installed, nothing more. Does someone know how to get this text back to black?

Have you tried toggling your theme to dark/light?

primary-text-color is a variable to control that text color. Not sure if it is the only one but it will change it. Just a heads up that it will change the majority of the text color in HA if you modify that specific variable.

primary-background-color is a variable to change the background color, but it seems to control the card background here and the overall background throughout HA.

Ya, wont do the trick. No idea where this came from though.

i wanna try ‘primary-text-color: black’ but config.yaml reports this back as invalid.

I think certain text based colors could be used at one point in time, not sure about now. Try using the hex code. eg. for black use primary-text-color: "#000000"