Help me write the new App Store description!

Hi all,

The App Store description has been outdated for a while and never did a good job of explaining what Home Assistant Companion actually does. So we need a refreshed one for 2.0! @SeanM and I took an initial crack at it tonight and got pretty far, but now I’m looking for the hordes to descend on the description and provide their thoughts. How can we make this description pop? What trends do you see in your favorite apps descriptions?

You can take a look and make comments here, which I can accept or reject. Feel free to use this thread to ask questions of me or discuss changes with others.

Once it’s locked down in English, I’ll ship it to our crack team of translators to rewrite in their own native tongues too.

Thanks as always for your support!

We believe that we have the basic framework in place - features that should be highlighted, popular integrations, sections that should be there, etc. But we need your help making things more concise and polished.

Some examples of things to consider…

  • Can multiple bullet points be combined into one clear and cohesive sentence or paragraph?
  • Does this description give a good idea of what Home Assistant is for someone new?
  • Is this a good list of integrations to highlight? Should we add or remove anything from that list?
  • Any ideas for catchy “marketing style” headings (the bold text)? For example instead of “Supported Products” we could maybe do “Works well with others.” But if we’re gonna do stuff like that, we’d ideally like to do it for all headings.
  • Anything not mentioned that you feel should’ve been?

Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated, no matter how small or nitpicky they may seem.

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