Help Modifying configuration.yaml

So this is my 3rd attempt at getting working. Since I last broke it (about a year ago) I switched to Ubuntu so am going through that learning curve at the same time.
My problem is i’m stuck at the most basic thing, I have enabled SSH but can’t remember how to actually edit the yaml files.
When i connect via putty and do a LS it doesn’t return anything… I vaguely remember something about it running in a vm or something but thats all

Can someone point me to how to change the yaml files? If possible I have seen something about people using VSCode and i’d prefer to use that but for now i’d just be happy to use Nano or something.

If you installed Ubuntu the ssh is going to be the host Ubuntu Home folder, not the HA folder.

/usr/share/hassio/homeassistant is where my HA config lives in Debian…

I am assuming you really did install Hassio? You used the generic Linux install??

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Oh that was my dumb wording.

I have hassio running on a raspberry pi but i want to connect and edit the files from my Ubuntu install on my laptop.
I can SSH in through putty but can’t see the files.

Last time with windows i think i just used smb to access over network with notepad ++

You can either access the files from your Ubuntu machine and use an editor on that, or use an editor on your raspberry pi via SSH.

If you’re SSH’d in to your pi and already in the configuration directory, nano configuration.yaml will get you started.

I can shh in and see the hassio commands but not sure how to see the directories. Ls doesn’t return anything at all to meme.
Maybe i need to use terminal instead of putty

If your client is a Linux machine, there is zero reason to use putty…

But no, terminal vs putty doesn’t make any difference at all.

if you are ssh’d into the system, your config files are located at /config, so cd /config, then ls, then nano configuration.yaml if the file is there.

did you try lowercase? ls? it lists for me…

after you ssh as root into your pi, cd to root “cd /”. There, if you do an ls -l, you will see all the directories. Your .yaml’s are in /config. I use nano (kinda vi like) as my editor. ( nano configuration.yaml )

Thanks. Had to do cd /
I thought the ~ sign meant that i was already in root.

so… if i do ‘nano configuration.yaml’ it will edit in the terminal but if i remember right i had lots of problems with formatting last time. I was hoping i could open it in a external viewer like notepad ++ or VScode etc… But only way i can think of to do that is the copy it to my local machine, edit and then copy back. Is there a better way for a noob?

Never mind i used SSHFS… was easy (hopefully it comes back on reboot but i can deal with that later).

This is what i was seeing when doing ‘ls’ before. just for anyone else…

if you’re on Windows then setup winscp

Im on ubuntu, but i worked out i could do sshfs

~ means home directory.

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