Help moving ESPHome from HA Add-onto standalone Docker installation

Hi all,

I’m sorry if this is answered elsewhere, my search skills aren’t great.

I have 40+ ESPHome devices of various sorts, running in the Home Assistant Add-on version of ESPHome. I want to move the ESPHome data to a standalone installation of ESPHome in a Docker container, and manage my devices from there.

I’m hoping that there’s an easy way to do this without having to reflash everything with new configs via captive portal?

If someone has time for some basic instructions, I’d appreciate it. A link to a forum post that already covers this would be great, I can’t seem to find one that describes moving Add-on to Standalone. Sorry. I am old.


Copy the yaml files from /config/esphome to the directory docker wants then in.

That’s all.

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here is the docker run command I use to create and run the container:

docker run -d --name="esphome" --restart=unless-stopped -p 6052:6052 -p 6123:6123 -e ESPHOME_DASHBOARD_USE_PING=true -v /home/finity/docker/esphome:/config esphome/esphome /config dashboard

you’ll obviously have to change the volume bind to wherever your ESPHome config directory is going to be.

and as noted above put all of those files into the config directory you just created for ESPHome config and hopefully it should all just work.

then you will reach the ESPHome dashboard at the IP address of your machine you put ESPHome onto at port 6052.

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@nickrout, thank you for the assist, it did work as you described.

@finity, thank you for the more detailed command, very useful for understanding the docker command.

For anyone else that finds this thread via search, hello. The trickiest part for me was getting SSH access to the Home Assistant rpi, which I did via the Terminal SSH addon from the default addon store.

The finicky business for a noob is that I had to manually assign a port for SSH in the addon config, because port 22 is (quite sensibly) blocked by default. I opted for password login, because while it is insecure, I only needed to run this addon long enough to copy the esphome data out. I stopped the Terminal SSH addon when I was done.

As I type this, it occurs to me that this wasn’t necessary, and that a much easier way to get the data would have been to simply unzip any recent HA backup file, and copy the configs from there. Ah well, we live and learn.

Excellent! ESPHome is now up and running in a CT on ProxMox, no HA necessary. Pretty soon that rpi4 is going to be a media player instead.