Help my Kangaroo Hop!

Hi All…

As Xmas approaches, here in Oz Ive decided to build an addition to my 6 meter tall digitally addressed LED Xmas tree

So, Ive built a 4.5 Meter x 2.4 Giant hopping Kangaroo!!

It’s on a rectangle timber frame, with a layer of chicken wire mesh, then two kangaroo óutlines’ wired onto the frame in the shape of a kangaroo. The Kangaroo shapes are made from 2 x 30 meter warm white led strings from bunnings, but traced out into the shape of kangaroo. - The first string is the roo body and head, with legs and tail in one position, the second string is roo body and head over the first string, but the legs and tail in a different position. When the strings are toggled, it appears as though the roo is ‘hopping’… :slight_smile:

Ive also run a 5 meter LED strip along the base of the frame. ( not fixed yet ) , controlled by WLED and when a runnign effect is green, gives the appearance of ‘moving’ ground under the roo.

Theres also some coloured LEDs in the shape of gift boxes, but they are static ( or the native twinkle effect )

Heres a couple of pics… Its up against a pine lining wall, but thats just while I work on it. The whole frame is just the top / bottom, sides and two verticals. Ive also strapped some steel strapping diagonally to stop deforming.

It will be strapped to the fence at my property in the next week or so.

To alternate between the individual LED strings that make up each roo, Ive got a shelly uni, with the switched O/P driving a DPDT relay. That inturn switches power alternately to each LED string… Make sense?

The shelly uni is tasmotised, and Im switching the ‘roo’ entity on and off with Node red. - Ive tested with a basic loop with - switch on > delay .5 Sec > switch off > delay .5 sec, the loop back to the start…

This was just for a test, and see how the speed of switching and speed of LED strip actually looked, and I think Its OK.

I have noticed a small timing delay, and a couple of times the .5 second delay was possibly 1, and then there was a glitch in the roo matrix, and it double hopped twice… Not a huge issue, but im not sure what other impact there may be, if node red got 'slow’or anything?

Ive also got to figue out how to switch this node red sequence on and off, and inject the start stamp? - any ideas welcome.

I am wondering what other solutions and ideas there might be to control the on / off ?? - Id probably prefer the timing switching sequence to be local at to the shelly, and was going to use a 555 timer, but got lazy and now out of time to do that build.

Any improvement ideas welcomed!!


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