Help! Need advice on direct control switches for lights

Hey everyone!

I’m having a bit of a dilemma here. To meet my wife’s need for dual control, I’ve been using Aqara’s six-button and one-button scene switches with Home Assistant . They work fine, but my wife keeps complaining about frequent delays, which really affects the experience. The real trouble starts when I turn off my HA or unplug the dongle – the switches can’t control the lights then, and it drives her nuts!

I’m looking to spark a discussion: Is there a product out there that allows scene switches to connect directly to the lights without going through HA? This way, we could avoid delays and I wouldn’t have to worry about the state of HA when I’m enjoying tinkering with it, keeping my wife and kids happy.

Thanks a ton in advance for any suggestions!

Look if they support ‘binding’

The aqara switch does not support “binding”, even the HUE dimmer switch I think, whitch products u are using?

IKEA switch and bulb.

Thanks, but I need recessed downlight, I could not find in IKEA, do u have any suggestion?

You can put in wall switches and then use a remote to control them instead of controlling the bulbs directly. I use this to be fail-safe. (Even when HA is down, you can use the wall switches for everything.)

I haven’t tried to make remotes fail-safe as I use zigbee remotes and z-wave in-wall switches, though.

I found a great Zigbee product called Xsky on Amazon. They have a “Zigbee dimmer switch” that looks like a regular switch, so you can install it in-wall. In fact, its features are similar to a remote control, and it can be configured via an app using Bluetooth. The most important thing is that the light can be controlled by the switch even when the hub is not present! It completely solved my issue.