Help needed: backup HA configuration using command line

hi all,

not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this question, so apology in advance.

I’ve followed the following guide and successfully installed Debian with home-assistant. I’m using z-wave devices and have configured it extensively. All was working for a few months.

However, for some reasons I cannot resolve, I’ve lost ethernet on my computer, thus I am not able to access the webgui for HA. I still have access to the command line via keyboard. Please note that when I installed Debian I only installed the minimal: there is no desktop environment.

My questions are:

  • where is the configuration file and how do I back it up?
  • can I do this from command-line?

ultimately I like to re-install Debian/HA from scratch and restore all settings from the backed-up configuration file.

any tip is very much appreciated,

Just backup config folder, ensuring you get hidden folder. Actually you can use Backup

To move it to a different server or location user rsync command in Linux. With this you can use the move the or just copy entire folder contents

Just realized you can mount remote server folder as backups subdirectory and backup to that. Wish you could specify backup location instead.