Help needed - Bosch BSD-2 Z2M Integration

Hello everyone,

I have problems with the Z2M integration of the Bosch smoke detector BSD-2

I have saved the QR code exactly as described and entered it under tools… Then placed the battery in the smoke detector.
This is also recognized immediately, but cannot be integrated (paired).
Can anyone help me with how to integrate it?

Thanks in advance

Failed to interview '0x70ac.............', device has not successfully been paired

What coordinator do you have ?

Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus (EFR32MG21) with router firmware

All the other Zigbee devices (20) work fine (different Vendors)

Tried 10 times yesterday (reset) and kept getting errors.

Today reset and it was recognized immediately.

That’s where the electronics stop, that’s where the witchcraft begins…

I have the same issue but I cannot get mine to pair at all. what did you do?