Help Needed Conditional Card Based on Attribute

I’ve configured the following templated mini-media-player card to display artist and song information when my Nest speaker is streaming a particular radio station. The station now playing information is obtained via the multiscrape custom add-on.

type: 'custom:card-templater'
  type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
  entity: media_player.office_speaker
    info: true
  name_template: '{{ states.sensor.kgbi_artist.state }} - {{states.sensor.kgbi_song.state }}'
  - sensor.kgbi_artist
  - sensor.kgbi_song

What I’m trying to do now is to display this card only if that scraped station is the one playing, as defined by media_content_id:. If media_content_id: = [kgbi url] then this card is displayed. Otherwise, the standard mini-media-player card is displayed. I’m new to conditionals and see that I can choose the entity and state, but not attribute. Is there a way to test the attribute and display my card when appropriate?