Help needed for e2e home light setup

Hello folks !
Since this is my first post I wanted to start with thanking everyone creating and contributing to Hass.

I would assume that my problem is standard, but I’ve failed to find good solutions that meet my needs, hence seeking explicit help here.
I just want to make lights in my home dimmable and controllable physically (wall switches) and remotely. I want everything to work seemlessly.
My setup:

  1. I live in Poland - relevant for equipement availablity (z-wave frequency; wall sockets are rounded)
  2. I mostly have double switches
  3. I have 20+ GU10 sockets and ~20 E27 sockets
  4. Some bulbs needs to stay (are non dimmable and not remotely controllable)
  5. LED stripes need to stay (they are connected to 12V DC and dimmable)
  6. I have neutral available in my wall sockets
  7. I have Hass installed already, z-wave controller

My requirements (from most important to least important)

  1. Physical control needs to work
  2. Physical switches need to be consistent (i.e. I don’t want switch A for one purpose and switch B for another)
  3. No drilling in walls or stuff hanging around
  4. Remote control for all light functionallity available via Hass (in particular I can setup automations that will turn on/off, dim lights)
  5. Ability to dimm lights via physical switch (e.g. via such switch
  6. Good availablity of replecement equipement
  7. Ability to control light tempreture remotly
  8. Reasonable long term maitenence cost
  9. Local on-off works without Hass
  10. Local dimming works without Hass
  11. Reasonable setup cost

I find first 6 points a must. From reading so far I’m not sure what is the most standard option for this.
The uncertaintny comes from following dilemas:

  1. Should I target individually remotely controllable lights (z-wave bulbs are expensive; Ikea has cheap ones but on Zigbee) or not (e.g. Ikea dimable lights are very cheap)
  2. Should I target dedicated switch for remote control (I’ve tried TKB TZ36D - it looks nice and seems to somewhat works) or generic double shutter switch with remote control devices stuffed in wall socket (e.g. Fibaro Dimmers/Switches)

I’m leaning towards IKEA wireless bulbs, but it is not clear to me how to control them physically via wall switch. I was not able to find a zigbee double shutter switch (unfortunately, Xioami wall switch does not fit my wall socket) and I’m not familiar with this technology yet (whether I can do association groups like in Zigbee and whether Hass is nicely integrated to proxy wall switch touches).
I’ve played with TKB TZ36D and it seems to work well for Z-wave remote control and association. The issue here is I’m not sure how to make it interoperable with non Z-wave bulbs (and even for Z-wave, max group size is 5 which is too few). In particular, the switch does not offer a entity that would let me read current level of the button press, however if associated with Fibaro RGB then I can control LED stripe nicely. I guess some sort of virtual z-wave device that would capture signals from switch and proxy them to Zigbee bulbs (via automation) would work, but I’m not sure how to do such thing (worst case I get Fibaro RGB, associate it and read brigtness attribute to proxy the signal).

Am I overengineering this ? I assume so - please help :slight_smile:
Thanks !