Help Needed for Geofency...updated SOLVED

Update: I see that the device_tracker way is the correct one and all is working now.

I am confused as to how to receive Geofency POSTs in HA. I have setup the IOS app with the Webhook I was given in integrations and when testing it comes up with Successful. But my automation doesn’t get the POST. I have setup geofency: in configuration.yaml. I have tried the following for ENTER Webhook

  1. using the device id I found in known_devices
    • platform: state
      entity_id: device_tracker.df2177d7_95a2_490e_82ef_26cbb10ef587
      from: “not home”
      to: ‘home’


- platform: webhook
webhook_id: long ID given in HA integrations

Neither works. What should I have in my trigger to receive the POST.